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Unlock the Potential of Digital Transformation

Enablement to your digital success

We specialize in strategic transformation, establishing digital visions, and scaling digital banks. Our focus is on assisting banks throughout their transformational journey, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities and manage risks that arise with digitalization.

Strategic Advisory

Embracing Digital Transformation

Our expertise lies in infusing organizations' strategic and transformation plans, including operations, digital, and technology.

With a rich consultancy history and a proven track record, we are well-positioned to address key areas like digital growth strategies, technology portfolio strategies, business cases, impact enablement, and data-driven banking strategy realization.

of businesses missing business
transformation targets Source: McKinsey
of companies decline to provide any business value from their digital transformation process Source: everest group

Navigating Digital Transformation Challenges

70% of digital initiatives fail due to conflicting priorities, scaling issues, misaligned processes, or KPIs. At Finshape, we help you overcome these threats for a better chance at success.

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Forward looking vision

With extensive experience and benchmark capabilities, envision your future and your industry evolution to define how to shift your strategy to win.

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Quantifiable investment

We believe in data-driven strategies and value proposition, and we go further into quantifying then and making them tangible for value tracking.

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Fast results

Through new ways of working, we can assist in accelerating the realization of your digital banking imperatives with a focus on immediate impact and low-hanging fruits.

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Actionable next steps

Begin the journey to your digital future today using stepping-stones, discrete projects conceived and launched in a logical sequence.

Quantifiable Value


Typical reduction
in OPEX.


Reduction in delivery cycle
with the focus on value


Typical improvement of
digital sales


Typical optimisation in
technology cost

Do the right things right the first time; with the strategic advice from Finshape, our venture into a new retail banking value proposition is now personalized, quantified, and ready for motion.
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Seizing Opportunities

Enable your business to respond at scale to disruption, create value from data and technology, and differentiate from competitors with rich offerings.

The journey to your digital future: developing a proactive, future-back digital strategy aligned with your strategic imperatives.

From driving efficiencies in the core to defining new business models or transforming your existing business with new digital capabilities – through buy, build partner, or investment levers.

Offerings include digital maturity index, scenario planning, business model innovation, plausible futures or sector convergence, and digital road mapping.

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Digital value creation – helping to optimize your digital solutions to ensure value creation and generate ROI.

Offerings include portfolio assessments, digital development cycle strategy, and operational implementation.

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A unique offering that is emerging revenue generating centric, focusing on identifying growth relays, leveraging data and technology to transform and enable these revenue streams, and building the business of the future outside of the core.

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A disruptive strategy to maximising value from technology and tackling multiple interdependent programs at once, shifting tech transformation’s impact to support business growth, modernising and securing their IT foundation, and deploying new technology at the pace of technology leaders.

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A unique offering to develop a personalisation-centric value proposition with services including data capabilities and foundations set up, data ingestion and enrichment, use case selection, and impact quantification from acquisition stage to retention.

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Strategy & Value Advisory