Go batch or go real-time

Find the right audience for your products with our no-integration engine, or respond instantly to your customers life and financial events

Behavioural targeting

Match the right audience to the right campaign and see conversion soar

Choose from dozens of pre-engineered, batch-based use cases to drive credit card sales and usage, digital adoption and engagement, customer segmentation accuracy and more. No integration needed.

Benefit from tried-and-tested use cases to drive credit card sales and usage, boost digital channel adoption and improve customer segmentation accuracy.

Powerful analytics tools

Screen users based on profile variables, RFM, lookalike modelling and more

Tailored and contextual

Get all the insights you need to hyper-personalise your messaging

Quantifiable results in no time

Choose from tried-and-tested use cases and see two-three-digit conversion rate growth

Event-driven sales campaigns

Be there for your customers when they need you the most

Use our interaction designer to set up automated campaigns in just a few clicks to keep track of all relevant milestones in your customers' lives - and follow up with the right offer or advice.

So don't settle for anything less than perfect. Offer customers travel insurance when they arrive at the airport or give them advice on saving up for future plans after a pay rise.

Intuitive interaction design

Save time and headache with our rule-based interaction designer

Compatible and versatile

Integrate with any campaign management software

Customisable to the last detail

Add any data source, data model or channel to improve results


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