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W.UP was included in The Forrester Tech Tide™: Financial Well-Being, Q3 2020 as a featured Personalised Financial Insights vendor

Go simple or go pro

Out of the box or custom-made? In-app or cross-channel capability? Explore our personal financial insights and what they're all about.

Money Stories

Become the storyteller mobile banking users want to listen to

Distil complicated transactional and behavioural analytics into single-screen snapshots to help customers stay on top of their money matters.

Create a steady stream of money updates such as low-balance reminders, double billing notifications, week-on-week spending analyses or monthly budget breakdowns.


Translate key financial insights into 7-10-second snapshots

Near-time and personalised

Show daily, weekly, monthly and yearly highlights and forecasts

Complex made easy

Embed into any UI framework in 30 days

Carbon Stories

Boost climate awareness and help customers make greener chioces

Most carbon footprint calculators rely on user input about eating and shopping habits, energy consumption and travelling patterns. It’s time to take it up a notch. Calculate and show customers their household emissions using transactional data for more accurate results.

Results you can trust

The CO2 emissions values used come from the latest governemnt and industry sources.

Educate and engage

Put emissions figures in context to make them easier for users to understand and act upon.

Drive climate action

Give customers tips on how to reduce their carbon footprints and live more sustainably.

Financial Health Insights

Help customers get financially fit one touchpoint at a time

Mix and match widgets to turn real-time data into actionable insights. Keep users in the know about how they're doing financially, give them pointers on how they could do better and offer solutions to help them get there.

Combine payment reminders with balance forecasting, autopilot budgeting and more to drive financial wellness and brand loyalty at every app open.

Customisable, data-driven

Build use cases from 100+ profile variables and 50+ triggers

Laser-sharp messaging

Fine-tune targeting based on account activity, geolocation and more

Real-time analytics

Benefit from greater speed, scalability and resilience thanks to microservice technology


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