Become the storyteller your customers want to listen to

Distil complicated transactional analytics into single-screen snapshots.

Money Stories

Are you there for your customers when they need you?

Your customers are facing money moments day by day when they would require your help. Are you able to spot them? It is time to provide them valuable and actionable insights about their finances.

More than 80% of customers are not satisfied with PFM tools that are not proactive

Would turn to nonbanks if their bank is not able to address their pain points

How Finshape can have you covered?

Drive engagement

Develop a regular and valuable connection with your customers through swipeable stories

Sell smart, sell digital

Use proactive and actionable nudges to find the right sales context and keep customers informed

Go live in no time

Leverage on the applied add-on approach and go live within 30 days

Keep customers in the loop about their finances

Create a steady stream of daily, weekly and monthly money updates such as low-balance reminders, double billing notifications, week-on-week spending analyses or monthly budget breakdowns.

Money Insights

Money Insights

Money Insights

Clear and informative stories about personal finances

  • Unusually large transactions
  • Income and spending patterns
  • Spending categories

Predictable finances

Predictable finances

Predictable finances

Reilable and useful stories about expected money matters

  • Recurring transactions
  • Balance forecast
  • Overspend review

Proposed actions

Proposed actions

Proposed actions

Contextual nudges to improve financial health with products

  • Turn expenses to installments
  • Bridge income gap with overdraft
  • Extend opportunities with a loan
  • Safe-to-save amounts


of customers find it useful

conversion rate uplift

Endorsed by Forrester

Finshape was included in The Forrester Tech Tide™: Financial Well-Being, Q2 2022 as a featured Personalised Financial Insights vendor

“With Finshape we’ve found the tools and technologies that allow us to understand banking data and translate it into customer needs.” Iryna Arzner, Raiffeisen Bank International, Head of Retail Customer Growth
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