Achieve the most by doing the least with our ready-made digital products

Pre-built, 100% customisable

Choose from 80+ available product components, 150+ optimised UI templates and 100+ tried-and-tested customer journeys to build new or revamp existing applications.

Low code, high productivity

Simplify and speed up integration with your existing digital infrastructure using model-less data structures, low-code development and drag-and-drop design tools.

Click your digital bank together like Legos

Thanks to our solutions’ API-first, decoupled microservice architecture, you can use all our components or just the ones you need to take your digital strategy to the next level.

We speak your segment

Retail Bank

Create the smooth omnichannel experiences people expect - and deserve. Try, test and launch applications in up to 12 months, branded and tailored to your very needs.

Retail banking

Give the app a test run on iOS, Android or the web


Test customisation and integration options


Go-live faster than ever without a glitch.

Business Bank

Reduce complexity and take the friction out of payments, treasury, liquidity, trade finance and credit management and let your corporate clients, big and small, focus on what they do best.

Wealth Management

Help customers achieve their investment goals by providing them with a 360-degree, real-time view of their investment portfolio and always-on support


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