As you probably know by now, in October 2021 BSC and W.UP started a journey together to create a new market leader in digital banking. Well, today marks a new milestone in our commitment to turning this ambition into reality.

From now on, we’ll be moving forward under our new brand name, Finshape. Here’s the lowdown on what this means for our community.

We’ve created a fresh visual identity inspired by our shared values and purpose, along with a new logo and colour scheme. Take a tour of our website, replacing the former domains, and social media channels to get a feel for the new look. What’s behind the design, however, is a spirit that remains unapologetically customer-first and committed to blazing a trail in personalised digital banking – something both BSC and W.UP have been known for.
Our new brand draws on over thirty years of experience in the technology and financial services space, another thing we’re confident our projects and customers, existing and new, will benefit from. If you’ve been a loyal subscriber to W.UP’s and BSC’s blog and LinkedIn updates, make sure to follow our joint feeds, where we’ll be sharing industry news, insights and deep dives, as seen by Finshapers.

On a more practical note, the rebranding will not affect our staff, service quality and pricing. It will, however, legalities: as of this month, the names of the former companies will be changed to Finshape Hungary, Finshape Czechia and Finshape Slovakia. Our legal and financial teams will get in touch with all affected stakeholders to address these changes.

Finshape, both as a brand and a company, is built on our belief that digital banking is as much about technology as it is about people and in our ability to help customers navigate both worlds. We’re incredibly grateful for all your support since we set off on this journey – and we can’t wait to show you where we’re headed.

Have questions about the new brand that aren’t covered here? Find plenty more in our FAQ about everything from operations to plans for the future. Can’t find what you’re looking for or got feedback to share? Do reach out to us.



Jozsef Nyiri and Petr Koutny

Co-CEOs of Finshape



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