The Hungarian legal entity of W.UP will be renamed Finshape Hungary, and Finshape Kft. is to become the legal successor of W.UP Szolgáltató Kft. The Czech legal entity of BSC will be called Finshape Czechia, and the Slovakian legal entity of BSC will be Finshape Slovakia. Both companies will become the legal successors of the former BSC entities. All affected partners and clients will be informed accordingly by Finshape’s legal or financial team.

We have already started joint sales activities and merged our marketing platforms. Our professional services teams will not be joint, but have begun working together on several projects. We will continue integrating our marketing and sales activities, plus wherever we find synergies.

The new brand builds on our 30 years of experience, culture of always putting the customer first and never letting them down, and commitment to shaping the future of personalised banking.
The new brand identity includes a new set of standards for working together, what we communicate about ourselves and how, our shared corporate values and a new visual identity.
We believe that besides our market presence, our product portfolios are also complementary, so we have already started preparing integrations and uniting our product innovation efforts. Sales teams have been using our continuously evolving joint proposition.
Our ambition is to make the most of our 30 years of experience in digital banking, data analytics and data-driven sales and help financial institutions improve their digital presence not only with our products and services, but also by sharing our experience. That is why we will be adding technology consulting as a new service to our joint value proposition.
BSC and W.UP teams remain unaffected, meaning that Finshape’s clients will continue to work with the same personnel as before. However, Finshape will keep growing, so there might be some new faces.
Our customers and partners should not notice any changes: the same people will be working on the same projects to the same extremely high standards. Our management is committed to supporting our customers throughout their digitalisation journeys as before, so they will only experience the benefits of the new brand by gaining access to the pioneering products and solutions offered by the Finshape group.
Our new brand look (logo, fonts and colours) will be used in our marketing and sales communication materials (decks, ads, social media, etc). We will also introduce a new group-level email domain, meaning that after 2 June our stakeholders will start receiving emails from our colleagues under the new email address.
Starting from June 2022, Finshape will have a joint, unified online presence. We will launch a new website including a digital banking and personalisation blog. For some business areas (Compliance and Payments), we will keep BSC’s existing website, to be renamed We will also create a strong social media presence for the entire Finshape brand by merging our LinkedIn company pages under one Finshape account.
The whole website and the digital banking arm of BSC will be fully migrated to will be launched to support communication with our Compliance and Payments audiences. All other former BSC domains will be migrated and redirected to
The current geopolitical situation has impacted not only us, but most of our customers. It is a completely new experience for the whole European ecosystem, which came as a surprise but now we get to choose how to deal with it. The economic recession and soaring inflation in the wake of the war will force banks to use more efficient solutions and that is where digitalisation comes in. We will definitely have to adapt to the current situation, but we do not expect a significant decrease in demand for what we offer. Also, as a socially responsible company, we strive to seize every opportunity to help those directly affected by the war. In the past we were very active in Russia, which is now over. Finshape is leaving Russia and will focus on other promising markets.
Our new entity will have no exposure to Russia. Finshape is a purely European company with a global focus, excluding the Russian Federation. In response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine, we, as Finshape, have decided to close our business in Russia and sell our Moscow branch.