Challenger banks:
How about sustainable growth?

Win the digital race for customers and establish profitability by introducing ready-made engagement features

Have you set a unique value proposition that ensures new revenue streams?

Competition is getting fiercer and challenger banks tend to struggle focusing on multiple developments to keep up with the customer experience promise and achieve sustainable growth, while fundings are drying up and valuations might be dropping.



YoY growth in the number of neobanks in 2022 worldwide


of the world's 400 neobanks are struggling to reach profitability


most common pitfall for profitability is the lack of value-added features post-MVP

*Simon-Kucher&Partners - The Future of Neobanking - May 2022

How Finshape can have you covered?

Sustainable growth
Unique positioning

Increase capabilities of your (super-)app with value added features for rapid growth

Digital Bank OS Platform
Stay human at the core

Apply data-driven and personalised offerings for high engagement and conversion rates

Faster time to market
Faster time to market

Implement customisable, ready-to-deploy E2E solutions in a few weeks time

Ensure growth whatever stage you are in

Get the basics right, then work your way up with innovations and beyond banking services for a unique proposition. We support along the way with futureproof technology and a wide range of proven solutions.

3 of our most loved add-ons:

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Make onboarding as fast, convenient and secure as it should be

  • Instant process on any device in 6 steps
  • With AI powered identity verification
  • 50+ countries and 200+ ID types covered

Money Stories

Money Stories

Money Stories

Be the storyteller your customers will listen to

  • Actionable financial insights
  • Social media-like story format
  • Based on transactional data
  • Including carbon footprint calculation

Data-driven Sales

Data-driven Sales

Data-driven Sales

Sell customers what they need and when they need it

  • Automated interactions
  • Proven event-driven use cases
  • Based on real-time customer profiles
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Finshape was included in The Forrester Tech Tide™: Financial Well-Being, Q2 2022 as a featured Personalised Financial Insights vendor