We’re proud to announce that W.UP has been one of the first to be featured on Mambu Marketplace, the new home to trusted and best-of-breed tools that help financial institutions boost business and customer value in today’s fast-evolving technology landscape.

Best components for every module

Mambu Marketplace, launching today, provides both global and localized solutions for financial market players who want to rethink and realize their business strategy in a digital-first world. The new platform embraces the power of collaboration and its ability to change an industry where no single vendor can provide the best components for every module of a digital architecture.

The tools on Mambu Marketplace help financial service providers, from fintech start-ups to tier one banks, rapidly identify and integrate the right technology so they can focus their attention on pumping up business value and client experience instead of development.

Mambu Marketplace

We’ve also teamed up with Mambu, the leading alternative and innovative core banking system provider, for a free webinar on digital banking sales benchmarks and best practices. Sign up and tune in on Wednesday 18 April 2018 at to learn about key KPIs and conversion benchmarks, data-driven insights in cross- and upselling, core banking systems needed for higher digital sales, and more.

Digital Sales Webinar


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