When I joined W.UP four years ago, I remember the energy and excitement I felt becoming part of a success story in the making. We had everything going for us. Financial innovation was at full blast, thanks to the influx of digital challengers with their sleek apps and appetite for disruption. Incumbents were finally waking up to the fact that without an overhaul of their core operations, they would risk losing market share to these new kids on the block. We had a multi-country team with deep knowledge of building banking experiences that matter and analytics engines that drive better business insights. Plus, solutions that did just that. 

As I step into my new role as W.UP’s International CEO, I feel the same momentum. And, more than anything, great pride to take on the challenge of propelling the company into the future – and a very promising one at that. 

In the wake of the pandemic, the demand for well-thought-out, easy-to-implement digital solutions has exploded, as has banks’ readiness to transform their organisations into truly data- and experience-driven businesses. Technology investment in the sector has soared, too – but in most cases, failed to make a difference. No wonder, really. It might sound odd coming from me, but digital transformation is not about technology. Or not entirely anyway. 

It’s about the people who use the technology, be they employees or customers, and their needs, attitudes and behaviours. It’s about vision, and how tech, whether it’s an online mortgage calculator or a fully-fledged personalisation platform, can help make it a reality. And just as importantly, digital transformation is about collaboration between banks and technology providers that all stakeholders, and the financial services ecosystem as a whole, can benefit from.

These are the principles that have guided us thus far  – and will serve as a roadmap as we move forward.

Over the years, we’ve established an excellent track record of helping banks in the EMEA region design, fine-tune and deliver on digital strategies, whatever the endgame. More than 40 of them have continued to trust us not only for our service but also for our personal investment in their long-term success. 

None of this would have been possible without the efforts of our 150-plus experts, hailing from banking software development and finance, and their commitment to building solutions that work for our clients – and a workplace that works for everyone.

But for all we’ve accomplished, there’s still a lot more we can, and we should, do. In my new role, I’ll focus on creating opportunities for growth for both financial institutions, in and outside our current markets, as well as W.UP itself. 

The future is bright. And with a team like this by my side, it’s ours for the taking.


All gain, no pain: 4 quick wins for personalised digital sales

All gain, no pain: 4 quick wins for personalised digital sales

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