Budapest, Hungary – March, 2024

Finshape, a leading digital banking solution provider, proudly announces its latest collaboration with Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) in its quest to identify and address customer needs in real-time with relevant communication and advice, setting the stage for a new era in customer engagement.

Recently launched in Raiffeisen Bank Serbia, this platform places personalization at the forefront, aiming to create tailored interactions that are not only personalized but also perfectly timed.

In today’s dynamic banking landscape, the ability to understand and respond to customer context instantaneously is paramount. With Finshape’s real-time personalization seamlessly integrated into the bank’s backend system, customer insight-based offers are now delivered in real-time, revolutionizing the way campaigns are created and offers are distributed.  

We are thrilled to partner with Finshape to pioneer real-time customer engagement in the region,” says Jalal Douame, Customer Value Management Lead at RBI.In an era where timing is everything, this innovative solution enables us to understand our customers’ needs and preferences instantly, allowing us to tailor our offerings and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with them.

At the core of Finshape platform is its ability to analyze different sources of data and provide invaluable insights that fuels engagement and campaign strategies, making it contextual, relevant, and highly personalized.  Whether supporting clients during their trips with travel-related services or proactively supporting clients when crossing their limits, banks can now engage with customers in real-time, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. In today’s fast-paced world, being there for clients at the right moment is crucial, and this solution empowers banks to do just that. 

Commenting on the solution, Daniel NAGJ, Product owner at RBI’s Retail Customer Engagement Tribe, says ‘In the development of this solution, we centered our approach on reusability by design, strategically paving the way for seamless scalability into diverse markets. Finshape’s exceptional support was instrumental in achieving this objective with excellence.’

Finshape team, well-known for its expertise in personalization, has seamlessly integrated its platform with RBI’s Campaign management tool, powered by best-in-breed tools, including Salesforce marketing cloud and Selecta, as well as any upcoming campaign management tools.

“Partnering with RBI showcases our dedication to innovation and providing practical tools that empower individuals to make informed financial decisions and achieve their goals. Our Real-Time Personalisation Solution empowers banks to anticipate customer needs and deliver personalised experiences just in time. It’s about driving real value for our clients and their customers. Over the past couple of years, collaborating with RBI has been incredibly rewarding, particularly in the field of personalisation. We are pleased to take further steps together, continuing to innovate and elevate the banking experience for all.”– Csaba Czeglédi, Head of Product Delivery at Finshape. 

By enabling the bank to anticipate and fulfil customer needs in real-time, this partnership drives meaningful relationships, fosters trust, and positions the bank as a leader in personalized financial services in the region. 

This collaboration builds upon a history of successful projects, including the recent launch of the Smart Widgets and Carbon Footprint Solution, demonstrating the long-term partnership between Raiffeisen Bank International and Finshape. 

Furthermore, both RBI and Finshape are committed to ongoing innovation in financial technology.“We are continuously exploring new solutions to support financial health and personal financial management,” adds Csaba Czeglédi 


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