Armand Magharian (33) has joined BSC (Now Finshape), the Czech leader in banking software development, as Director of Strategic Projects. His main role will be helping BSC to find new business opportunities, especially in the Middle Eastern, African and Western European regions.

Armand Finshape

BSC’s special operating system for digital banks, as well as its individual components, are already used by banks all over the world. BSC’s newest team member is set to help with further expansion of these banking digitization software solutions, with the primary goal of strengthening its position in the MENA region, where BSC currently sees the greatest potential.

“There are a number of large banks in the MENA region that want to digitize to a greater extent. Therefore, they are looking for quality partners who can provide them not only with the necessary software, but also ready-made business solutions to go with it. These tools will help them succeed in these difficult and competitive times, and I believe that BSC offers a solution that, due to its sophistication and complexity, is difficult to compete with,” describes Armand Magharian.

Helping Armand Magharian achieve these goals will be his excellent knowledge of the Middle Eastern and African regions, as well as top language skills, which is a definite advantage for negotiations in these markets. He will also benefit from his many years of experience in international business with multinational companies in Egypt, Lebanon, Italy, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic.

“BSC is a company with 30 years of experience, a great reputation and the recognition of global leaders in the field led by the renowned consulting company Gartner. So, I believe that BSC really has a lot to offer in terms of banking digitization, and my task is to partner with the banks’ top management to help them offer cutting edge banking solutions that can bring a truly significant added value,” concludes Armand Magharian.


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