Supporting businesses with the new BT Go Application

Banca Transilvania pioneers corporate banking with BT Go, a tailored app revolution. Designed from scratch, it transforms business finance, offering an intuitive overview of finances, unified card management, and automated invoicing. The project engaged industry leaders and launched in 2023. This enigmatic solution signals a new era in financial management. Download the case study to uncover the full story.

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In this case study, we take a closer look at:

  • Discover how Banca Transilvania transformed the landscape of corporate banking
  • Dive into the success story of BT Go, which garnered over 1,400 active users in just its first month of release.
  • Learn how BT Go not only streamlined financial operations but opened doors to new revenue streams.
  • Follow the journey from project kickoff to MVP launch, which set a new standard in corporate banking.

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