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The COVID-19 outbreak has shaken up all pockets of the banking and payments industry. But how will it affect the future of challenger banks? Will consumers go back to traditional banks in search of stability? Can neobanks survive without loan products and their steady revenue coming from FX? And most importantly, can they come up with new, profitable business models fast enough? 

Tune into our next panel discussion where we’ll be talking about the most pressing challenges neobanks face during the coronavirus market turmoil – and how they can come out stronger on the other side.

Who will speak?

Kevin Albrecht, Co-Founder and CEO at P.F.C.
Alfonso Sainz de Baranda, Chief Growth Officer at Bnext
Jeroen de Bel, Founder at Fincog
Menno van Leeuwen, Head of lower financial stress at Moneyou
Balazs Vinnai - President at W.UP
Moderator: Remco Veenenberg, Head of Alliances at W.UP

14 May, 2020 3:00 p.m.

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